say helllllllllo to my little friend...:)

  1. WOHOOOO! :yahoo:

    My mom just gave me an early bday choice of any handbag i want!! hehe I'm a total gucci girl, but i thought id venture into the dark side (a darker shade of brown that is ;) hehe)

    Got me a bf was there too and he knew i wanted a scarf to weave through the holes so he bought me a cream colored LVOE one!!!!! it matches DISGUSTINGLY well!! and now i cant sleep because i keep staring at it!!!! WOHOOOO

    go me go me go me!! haha (sorry im feeling selfish right now!)

    But there any tricks to keeping it clean and in good condition??? i know canvas bags you can scotchgard but what about these.... HELP!! I want to keep her pretty hehe :smile:
  2. First off, congrats.
    To answer your question about keeping it clean, what kind of a Noe did you get exactly and what do you need to keep clean? Can you be a bit more specific?
  3. Yay for you! Isn't it great when bags are so new and exciting?
  4. Kuuipo...thanks! i went with the monogram because its my first LV piece so i thought i MUST have one hehe :smile: i really LOVED the epi (is that right? the all blue one?) buttttt i figured im 23 im gonna live it up with a in your face monogram hehe :smile:

    Like i said ive never had a LV so i dont know if they get dirty fast, are they pretty usable, do i have to be careful blah blah blah...i know gucci canvas are pretty good to go...but they get dirty!! so i usally just dry clean them..what do you ladies do with ur LVs??

    and thanks ValleyOppressed....yes i know i LOVE LOVE LOVE (or should i say LVOE!!) new stufff ive been clothing shopping like CRAZY now i finnally have a new bag to match all my cute clothes wohooo!!!!
  5. Congrats and happy birthday!
  6. Congrats and Happy Birthday! :balloon: The leather part will require some attention-avoid water at all time, don't sit it on dirty surface or printed materials, try not to grab one particular part of leather often as it will speed up the patina(darken process of leather), making it darker than other part of leather.
    To protect the vachetta(leather), Selena had put together an wonderful F&A for us in LV sub forum you should check out. Shining Monkey, Apple Guard, Kiwi, Wilson or Coach leather protectant will do.
  7. Fantastic! Excellent choice. Would love to see some pics with the scarf combo sounds amazing.
    Happy Birthday!
  8. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!
  9. Happy Birthday and congrats on your new bag! It's always exciting to get a ne one. Enjoy!
  10. Happy Birthday and congrats on your new bag!:yahoo:
    The noe is a great choice.
  11. congrats and happy birthday! :drinkup:
  12. congrats! love the noe with the bandeau! pics please¬!
  13. congrats and happy birthday!! :balloon: great choice for your first LV! :smile:
  14. Aww congrats on your first Lv ! Hope you have a great birthday!
  15. Congrats! Noe looks soo cute with a Bandeau, do show pics please!