say bye to popincourt?

  1. should i sell my popincourt? now that i have a damier koala wallet it seems like the popincourt is a bit too small with my makeup, cigs, "paint-tube" hand cream, phone, etc... though i do kinda treasure it as it is the most "expensive" bag in my collection..but now i use my damier speedy :heart: as an everyday bag...

    i do wanna add a papillon 26 to my collection.....what do u guys think? should i let it go??? i've been thinking about this for the WHOLE day and it's really bugging me!! i do like the shape of the popincourt though..what should i do? :shrugs: the only thing that i'll see bothering me is the flat handles of the papillon 26...

    please note: i AM NOT a monogram person..i hate also thinking of selling the papillon 19 but it was my first LV bag :crybaby:so..i hate to see it go...

    to refresh ur memories:
  2. o one can help?
  3. Sell if your sure you will not miss it.
  4. how can i be sure?
  5. I don´t think anyone can make this decision up for you:lol: Maybe see for a month and if you never use it, sell it?
  6. i hvnt used it for a month!
  7. Personally I'm not a big fan of the Pop Haut. It is darn cute, but it should be a bit bigger IMO.
    I'd say sell it... they do quite well on eBay, so you shouldn't lose that much money.
    Let us know what you decide :yes:
  8. i reckon you should sell it and get another bag that you'd use.. and i dont know if i'd buy another papillon if you've already got one (eventhough it is a much smaller one).. hope this help =)
  9. When in doubt(and you still are to my opinion): don't sell anything!!
  10. i think you should sell the poppincourt...if youre thinking of selling something i think youre not happy with it anymore...

    get the papillion...its bigger and it goes with your damier wallet :smile:

  11. sell the pap 19 and buy the 26. Keep the popincourt, its nice to have at least one mono bag. if afteryou get the pap 26 you're still not usng it then sell it too.
  12. is the pap 19 still on the market? it's so cute in your pic!
  13. I'm usually pretty musch against selling bags, I found that over the years I go through phases of what I prefer in LV.....for the longest time I wanted nothing to do with my mono canvas, but then one day I wanted to use it again! The fact of the matter is that it is soooo classic and just because you don't want to use it right this minute doesn't mean you can't and won't in the future (with LV it's not like it's gonna be out of style)....Anyway, I have pretty much decided at this moment I'm done buying mono canvas but I have many bags in this material and I'm happy to use what I have and make new purchases in other materials......this could all change though, you never know!
  14. Well, it sounds like you're not willing to sell it!
    Don't do it! You're gonna miss it once it's gone
  15. I agree with what others have brought up. I wouldnt sell your bag. You will miss it. I think we all go through phases of wanting to get rid of our bags because we feel we dont use them enough. But then something comes up and they end up back on our shoulder. It always seems to happen that once you sell the bag an occasion arrises were you would have worn it. And like Lola24 has brought up - it wont be out of style anytime soon. Why not let it hibernate for a little bit until you are ready to start bringing her out again. HTH