Say ALOLHA to my new Jumbo Dark Orange Glazed Lambskin Timeless Classic! Tee hee! :-)

May 30, 2007
:yahoo:I just received Miss D. Orange yesterday from the Waikiki Chanel. :yahoo:


It's the jumbo Timeless Classic in the new glazed lambskin. I never thought I would get a jumbo bag (always thought they look too big on me) but I am loving this one! Hooray, my first jumbo Chanel! It's only ever so slightly bigger than the 226 reissue bags.

The color is really TDF and I try to capture the color as close to the real deal. The silver HW is great with this bag. I also included some modeling pics of me with the bag. (Check out my new Faryl Robin gladiator sandals! LOL) I think it looks great against white and with denim outfits. What do you think?

I actually prefer this over the Red Metallic Chanel I just got (don't shoot me for saying this!). It just seems easier to wear with my casual spring/summer clothes, and I like that it's a tad bigger. Considering that I just got engaged (:heart::yahoo::heart:) and must put $ towards the wedding, I can not keep both. So it's buh-bye to Miss Red and ALOHA to Miss Orange! LOL



Jul 9, 2007
Congrats on your new orange jumbo & your engagement!
I'm usually a small bag gal, but this jumbo looks great! :woohoo:
May 30, 2007
Thanks jellybeanz, Chanel1900, steffibp, ceci, bretiny, Larkie, & Savannah! :flowers: I was worried that the jumbo would look big, but now that I've seen the modeling pics of myself with the bag, I think the size is great for daytime! Hooray! :P

Mon - thanks! I know, the bag does look a bit reddish IRL, which is why I can't really justify keeping the red metallic reissue. I have been craving for a corally-reddish-orangey kind of bag, and I think Miss Orange fits the bill. :tup:

bretiny - I am 5'5".