Say a lil' prayer?

  1. Hey all....

    So my darling Kitty, Fat Louie, had been crashing about my house, breaking things and raising hell, for over a month because I was so paranoid about letting him go outside. I finally started letting him, and it was fine. He'd go out for a few hours, then meow at my bedroom window and I'd let him in.

    Well, about ... two weeks ago now, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a horrible catfight or something. Cat screaming and such. When I ran outside, Fat Louie wasn't there, and the fighting sounds had stopped. Now, there aren't really any other cats in my neighborhood that I know about; most people have fenced in dogs, and Louie stays far away from them. But after that night, Louie has disappeared :cry: :crybaby: The cat food I've been putting out is still getting slowly eaten, but.... beyond that, I have no idea if it's him, or another cat, or...

    :cry: :crybaby: :cry: I just had to get it off my chest. I miss my Fat Louie! Say a lil' prayer for me that he comes home? Attached is an LOLCAT picture I made of him. He's microchipped, and I've been checking the pound, but there's no sign of him. He was a feral cat/stray until he was rescued at about 6 months old, so I'm afraid he's just gone back to his old ways and I'll never see him again... :cry:

    Anyway thanks for letting me rant....
  2. Good vibes and prayers that Fat Louie will come home. :smile:
    I am sure he is around somewhere, most times, cats tend to stay in their territory, usually hiding under a deck or something. Also, maybe try to put a video camera up to record who is eating the food. Most times, stories like these end in happy endings. :smile:
  3. Oh my. Well, I'm definitely saying a little prayer for Fat Louie (cute name by the way).
  4. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this! :sad: I hope & pray he's okay and will come home very soon!

  5. I hope he finds his way back home safely and soon!
  6. Prayers said! Come home soon, babykitty!
  7. Oh honey. I'll pray for Louie and you. Hugs.
  8. Oh... I'm feeling so sorry for you. :sad: I had the same problem w/ my kitties being supper bad, so they became indoor/outdoor kitties (they use the doggie door). I constantly worry if they don't follow thier normal routines. I hope that everything does turn out for the best. When I was little, my cat was missing for a few months, but he finally made it home. Maybe he's in someone's home, sometimes people take in cats if they think they're a stray. I really do hope he comes home, I'm sending good vibes your way...
  9. I'm so sorry :sad: I hope he comes back home safely.
  10. I'm praying that you and Fat Louie get reunited soon. Hugs to you! Hang in there...
  11. Ohhh, I hope he returns safely!!!

  12. Hopefully he will return soon all safe and sound. My cat used to dissapear for a week at a time and then make her way back. This happened was the scariest time, but she was ok in the end.
  13. I'm so sorry Sarah! I hope he comes home soon. Cats are so smart about finding their way. You're in my prayers.
  14. Aw, I hope he comes home soon! Sometimes, cats go away for a few days and come back, no problem. Don't give up hope, luv.
  15. sniffles... that pic of him is making me cry :cry: