Sawgrass Mills Outlet Shopping

  1. So, as I stated in another thread, I went to the outlet today looking for a zebra scarf. I ended up with a bit more than that. :biggrin: I went down that way because I have to take a class nearby in the fall and wanted to see where the campus was ... it will probably be quite dangerous that I'm 10 minutes away from a Coach outlet once a week!

    Clearance was an extra 20-30% off ... they had tons of the straw bags, two of the daphne top handle ones for $459, a bunch of the legacy totes for $349, and a bunch of boxy totes. All of the soho twill stuff was on clearance + 30% off. Large nylon pocket satchels were $229 and small ones were $169. They had tons of zebra totes (lunch & gallery) and last year's summer patchwork.

    I got the second to last zebra scarf and the last oblong scribble one! I snatched that up the second I got in. They had a lot of scribble scarves in silver though, and a lot of the polka dot scarves, but I already have two of those. The zebra scarf was $14 and the scribble one was $28.

    I also picked up the bandana pen case for $20 and the top handle soho stripe for $98! This was the second Coach style I fell in love with about two years ago and just never got around to getting one. But I couldn't resist at the price! In the last picture is also my grapefruit coin purse ... yesterday I went and returned my apple one because the suede was rubbing off. The grapefruit must have been a return too, because they didn't have it when I bought the apple (I would have automatically bought that instead!) and it was the only one they had. I didn't even know it came in that color, it's not on the website.
    juneoutlet1.jpg juneoutlet2.jpg juneoutlet3.jpg juneoutlet4.jpg juneoutlet5.jpg
  2. O. M. G! I love the green zebra scarf! Okay thats it, I've got to go to the outlets this weekend, I hope they have that scarf because I want it now!
  3. Look at all that wonderful stuff you scooped up at such great prices! Wish I kinda had extra money laying around right now.
  4. omg,. greatttt finds!!! I've gotta get to the outlet!! LOL! I LOVE your new coin purse! Didn't know they made one in pink, and I kinda want that more now...LOL! GL w/ the suede on that one, *hopefully* it WON'T rub off!!! :smile:
  5. I know, I had no clue so I had to get it! The best part is that it's leather on the bottom, not suede, so it should last a bit longer.
  6. There is a coach outlet in Sawgrass Mills????
  7. Yeah, it's pretty new, I think it opened at the end of last year. It's in the new section on the mall, the Collonade Shops or whatever, the more upscale part.
  8. well thats good, you shouldn't have any problems with this one then :yes:
  9. Thanks so much for letting me know! I am stopping by later this week! :graucho: