1. "Saw III" is coming out today. I saw a clip of it and it looks like this one is just down right painful. I hope they don't over do it with the unnecessary gore though. While I'm pretty much immuned to gore, what I like about the "Saw" franchise is the cleverness and twist.

    I still think the first "Saw" has the best twist.
  2. ohhh yeah, I agree.. I LOVE the Saw movies
  3. I saw it today....and it was incredible. Very gory and very very very very scary....:yahoo:
  4. I hear they're releasing a new Saw movie every Halloween for the next few years or so...
  5. As much as I like the "Saw" franchise, I hope that is not true ... It's hard to have a good series of movies. Jigsaw is already dying and it won't be the same without Jigsaw.

    Btw, they were auctioning off a "Saw" poster signed with Tobin Bell (Jigsaw's actor)'s blood!:wtf:
  6. How does it compare with the first two?:flowers:
  7. I think I'm going to try to watch it tonight. I'm so exhausted but I need to take my mind of things, this should distract me:sweatdrop:
  8. Saw spooks me out like crazy :'(
    I have 2 watch it but I freak out the whole time I'm watching :/
  9. I want to see this, but none of my friends will go with me!!
  10. ^^ OMG, same here. All of my friends are wimps and im dying to see it.. no pun intended
  11. ekekekek, I saw the first one a couple of weeks ago - I watched it the daytime with my scary movie buddy - she was laughing at me the whole time! hehehehe! I was quite shocked - great twist! But I still find some myself thinking about it... BOO ahahahahahahahah!
  12. I'm so glad that they made Saw 3. I'll probably have to wait until it comes out in video cuz I have no time to see it at the movies.
  13. Saw 3 was good! Some of it was hard to watch because it was so gory but it was sooooo good!
  14. I saw "Saw 3" last night and I was very impressed!!! It was so much better than "Saw 2", and it has multiple twists. However, I still think the twist from the first "Saw" is the best.

    For those who hadn't seen the previous "Saw" movies, go watch the previous ones first or else "Saw 3" will spoil it for you. Anyways, when it got to the end, I was feeling pretty depressed for the "bad guys" ...

    The traps were pretty amazing, creative, gruesome, and painful this time. You really have to hand it to the writers to come up with these twisted ideas. Watching this movie actually made me thankful that I wasn't in any of these ppl's situations ...
  15. Didnt see it yet, but cant wait to see it!!