1. Did anyone see that movie??? A friend of mine gave it to me but i am too afraid to watch it.

    I heard it is realllllly scary!!!

    What do you guys say? Can i watch it alone?:amazed: ;)
  2. If you get scared easily, I wouldn't watch it alone. No way.
  3. Watch it, it's a good movie,... excellent in my opinion!!!!

    It's not scary at all, it's suspenseful
  4. I watched it in the theatre; there was some good scares in it. Has anyone seen Saw 2? Or Hostal? I think Hostal would make me have nightmares for weeks.
  5. I think its one of the best horror movies of all time!!! It is suspenseful and scary. You can handle it!!!

    Go for it!
  6. IMO Saw 2 was dissapointing. I did notice that the creator of Saw 1 wasnt on that project so I think it lost some of its ooomph. But good anyway.

  7. I saw saw and saw 2 - and also hostel. Hostel was crap - I thought it'd be really scary - but it's not. So you can watch it :smile:

    Saw 1 and Saw 2 were good - and casting has begun for Saw 3 :smile:
  8. I am a self-proclaimed horror movie addict/buff, and I would say if you're easily scared, don't watch the Saw alone. (You don't sound like a hard-core horror movie lover, so I'd say watch it with a friend.) It wasn't really "scary"; it's more suspenseful than anything. I thought the Saw 2 was less scarier than the first one.

    As for Hostil, I didn't think it was scary; it was gory. If you don't like blood-and-guts type horror movies, DO NOT watch Hostil. It was very gruesome. If you have a weak stomach, don't watch Hostil.:sick:
  9. I agree, Saw isn't that scary, but very suspenseful. It's a great movie! I say watch it!
  10. Saw was stupid, but it was really disturbing :sick: I hated it, but then again I hate most horror movies :yucky:
  11. thanks for the answers ladies! I think i will go for it alone since my bf is not here to watch it with me!!!!

    is hostel the movie with all those weird sex scenes at the beginning???
  12. I am the biggest "chicken" when it comes to scary movies! No way can I watch them alone!

    My friend who is a hair stylist went to a late movie to see The Ring when it first came out - then went home alone to an empty house. He was so scared, he started calling his clients who's hair he had done during the day asking how they liked their hair. Thing is, he started making these calls at 1:00 in the morning! He wanted someone to talk to because he was so scared!
  13. I only seen saw 2 i think it was pretty good ...not to scary
  14. lol
  15. that's funny, I too put off seeing Saw for along time because I thought it would be too gory and scary...turns out it was awesome...very suspenseful and not much gore at all...but someone recommended it so I had to watch it...even watched it alone and it wasn't too scary at all...