Saw Yet Another Cute Little Bow Style ~Prada


Apr 2, 2007
I went to Prada today and saw yet another adorable - really adorable - small bag with a bow. I'm thinking about buying it. First off, it's $990.00. All black, nappa leather. How do i describe this...

It's about 8 inches high and 6 inches wide. The top zips closed and the two side around the zip have delicate pleats going down about an inch... almost looks ruffled on top if you can imagine. There are two handles that stand up that would fit only on the forearm. There is a detachable shoulder strap but not very long -- the bag will drop just below your chest if using the strap. Just below the pleating on top, there is a small leather bow and below the bow is the Prada triangle logo. All hardware is silver.

It's bigger than the bow clutch and though still small, it holds a lot. I put in my LV French purse, blackberry, cellphone, keys and small cosmetic case with room to spare. It's verrry cute! :smile:
Minette -- I'm pretty sure I know the bag you mean -- do you see any pics on line anywhere to post? I think the bows are quite classic. Am still kicking myself for not bidding on that auction wool bow bag -- do remember the one from late summer that was on the Prada site?
What did you decide? (PS -- my new avatar is my new Prada suit -- arrived with my loot from the 1/2 price sale last week)!!
Does it look anything like this one?

Nice pics! But no, that's not the bag! The bow is very small... The bag is sort of the shape of the first pic and there are handles just like that, but also a short shoulder strap. And at the top where the bag zips closed, it's sort of ruffled or pleated. And it's allll nappa! :smile: The SA said it's a new style. The h/w is silver and the logo is the Prada triangle.

I'm still thinking on it..........