Saw White Urusla IRL today!

  1. I had a LV sighting at Hobby Lobby today; it was the white MC Ursula and it was beautiful!
    It is not as big as I thought it would be so that is a definite plus in its favor. :smile:
    I wish I was brave enough to ask the lady if I could hold it to see how heavy it was!
    Just wanted to share because I hardly ever see authentic MC LV here!
  2. Im trying to imagine a lady coming up to me and ask to hold my bag.. To oblige or not??!!! I think i've never seen any body with that bag before..
  3. It is very exciting to spot authentic LVs when your out.

    I own the White MC Ursula and I have yet to see anybody in my city carrying one.

    I wonder why? :shrugs:

    But to answer your question, it is quite heavy.

    That is why I only carry it when I know I'm just going out for a quick dinner or some where really quick so I don't have to carry it for long.
  4. It is a great bag! I bought one in black, and then decided to return it.... It has too much leather for me, but it is GORGEOUS!
  5. mm i want it in white and black...i really cant choose!