Saw white Multicolor Pochette the first time & was disappointed

  1. Today, I stop by a LV counter & actually have a chance to hold a white MC pochette. My first impression is that it looks like a bag made for children. I mean, the materials, the color, & the style just make the bag look cheap. (sorry if I offended someone) :confused1: :confused1: Anyone think so too? I really like the white MC porte monnaie plat wallet though...& planning to buy it.
  2. the murakami line was made to be younger looking. I dont' understand why it make the bag look cheap? I mean, what is your definition of a bag looking cheap? Does younger looking = cheap? hmm.
  3. As I have said before, the combination of the materials, the size of the bag, & the style (just a rectangular-shaped bag) make the bag look cheap. For $ 600, I was expecting something better...something more sturdy. But that's my personal opinion though.
  4. i think MC is really nice and vibrant looking, however, if you want to be discreet about you being able to afford LV, MC is probably not the best one to get.. i think $600 is really not that much if you compare it to a bag for $4000.. =)
  5. I agree with fashionpop. I personally love the MC line and have both the white and black pochettes in addition to a couple of the other bags from that line.
    But if you think it's too flashy, you can always get a Damier Ravello or Navona or wait for the Damier Azur to come out. And there's always the Epi line.
  6. I think it looks cute.
  7. I also love the MC line and have enjoyed carrying both the black and white pieces. I personally like the black better because it is seasonless but I agree with LVBabydoll, if you think it's too flashy there are a lot of other nice LV collections like the Damier (which I also have pieces from) and the Epi (which I have yet to get a piece from).

    But it is definitely your opinion if you say the white MC looks cheap, I know you are not the only one who thinks that.
  8. I love the MC line and it brightens up my wardrobe. But I have to say that I do prefer it in the smaller prints like those on the MC Wapity/Small leather goods as compared to the blown up version on the MC bags. :P
  9. MC line is not for everyone. Most of my friends dislike it!:nuts: But that doesn't stop me from using it!:graucho:
  10. I´m not particularily fond of it but I think it looks very yummy to me in a sense that it reminds me of a candy:idea: It doesn´t look cheap to me, just a little yonger than perhaps a mono pochette.
  11. i like the MC line, and i just got a Black MC pochette 2 days ago!! I loveeee it!! The cutest bag ever, totally worth the $600!!!
  12. Hehe! the more others (friends, family...etc) hate a certain bag of mine, the more I carry it! hahaha I'm such an annoying kid lol, iono how my parents deal with me! haha
  13. I like the MC line. I don't think it looks cheap, but "flashy". Yes, it does seem young, and that is what has stopped me from purchasing any pieces at this time.