Saw what I bought from Paris!!

  1. HI guys, I am in Paris for business trip but of course it' sthe sale season can afford not to shop for a little:tup:
    As my usual ritual, I will be waiting 10:20am be the first one to enter the store at FSH headquarter for any surprises, but no luck....:sad: well then maybe just use my budget for something else...
    I when to George V store the next day, afternoon around 3:30pm; didn't know they had moved to the opposite side so I almost missed it. The display in the store seems really messy because the area isnot so big but they tried to display as much as they can.
    Among the mess, I found something oh lalala:yahoo:................................
    I always use birkin 40's seems I'm really big built, but something different come up for me this time and I can't resist. I will post some photo's later:graucho:
  2. Ooh can´t wait to see!
  3. It's SHOWTIME!!!!
  4. What did you get this time that different? Can't wait to see those photos. Love drooling.
  5. Cant wait for the pix - enjoy Paris - I love it!!
  6. :popcorn:...
  7. :beach: pics please.....
  8. oh geez, another long torture for a fabulous reveal! cant wait!
  9. Yummy, looking forward to the details!!!
  10. pretty99, :popcorn: Looks like we're going to have
    a good reveal. :smile:
  11. Ooh...what is it?! So lucky that you're based in Hong Kong...I sooo miss it!
  12. sorry guys, just come back from a busy day of work, here's the pics
    ta da...........................


  13. my brand new beautiful Troika/evercalf HAC 36 in chococlate brown, just love it...............but too bad I blew all my budget on her on this trip :roflmfao:
  14. Congrats on such great find :smile:
  15. Awesome color!!! I'd be in heaven wearing it. Congratulations!