Saw violet/grape City- I'm in love

  1. I was trying on shoes at a Saks and the shoe area is next to the Saksand Chanel boutique. I could see into the boutique and the SA had a gorgeous purple balenciaga. I popped over and he said it was in fact the violet/grape city. He had just sold it, but can get it for me. I have to decide if I want it or the day, but I really want that color.
  2. violet is beautiful!!!
    don't miss it :tup:
  3. ohhhhh...was is regular hardware???
  4. Yes. And I had a senior moment :push:, I was in NM not Saks.
  5. LOL....I need to call some NMs and get my name on their waitlists too!!!
  6. ^^Twiggers, I recommend Lisa Hamlin at NM in Troy, Michigan. Handbag department at (248) 643-3300. She's really a doll and would do anything to help you. Also, they're receiving they're Grape shipment soon, so call, call, call! And please tell her tPF sent ya!
  7. :tup:
    I am pretty sure my Violet RH City should arrive tomorrow from Bal, NY! And the moment she arrives I will come post pictures to help convince anyone who hasn't decided yet, into getting one!!! I feel it's my duty as a good pf friend and fellow enabler!
  8. please do post the pictures, my friend just got the silver GH and is debating on trading it for the RH...

    and i gotta say.. the color is just YUMMMMY
  9. :nuts: God, I'm in trouble!!!:death: LOL

    I'm still on the fence about getting a Violet, so yeah, post pics!!!!!!!:idea:
  10. twiggers, spoke with Sharon at the NM Houston (800-397-5293)- they had 2 Violet City RH's yesterday, around 6pm. Give them a call to see if they still have them instead of waitlisting for it!;)
  11. ^^^Thanks everyone! My indecisive butt needs to make a decision before NM opens LOL!