Saw Vernis Apple Red Yesterday...


Aug 21, 2006
I asked about the new vernis color at the Macy's LV at 34th st. NYC yesterday. The SAs said they didnt get the lookbook or a lot of info yet, but they did receive some of the bags in apple red already and showed me the houston. The color just looked like a fully riped red apple, very dark kind of red. The also brought out the old red color reade PM for me to compare and I actually like the old red better, because it had this little hint of shine in the red. The SAs said the new color red items will be released for purchase on Jan 1. However, they had not received the heart shaped accessories and wristlets yet, and these will probably be released on Feb 1.

I also saw a two mirroir pouchettes on display and available for purchase, one of those was silver, the other one I am not sure, coz it was in a window box and I was in a distant from it. They also had the transparent inclusion ring in stock, if anyone are looking for any of these items.

Just one more good news if you still remember my search for a made in France damier speedy 30, I just got a call from my SA from bloomingdales, and she had finally got one and have it on hold for me right now...Yay! I was planning to pick it up today, but there are just so many other after christmas sales out there that I cant pass :graucho: , so maybe I'll pick it up this weekend. I want to thank all the PFers who had been so kind helping me to locate the bag, your help is very much appreciated!!
Congratulationss....for your DS made in France. I just got one too, the SA here in Toronto helped me find one, instead of their latest r'vd shipment which are all made in USA. more thing...I think one of the SAs had mentioned that besides the apple red, there would be a lighter red for vernis. I expected the same too because from the other thread that shows the lookbook page for the apple red vernis, I saw there are 3 color swatches beside the items, one white and two reds. But then, when I asked for more detail for this lighter red, and to make sure he was not referring to framboise ( which was a pink color IMO instead of a red), he looked all confused...hahahahaa. So, I just left it as that...hehehee.

I would hope for a lighter red for the vernis instead of the darker apple red. It didnt look as good on bags IMHO. But, I am trying to imagine apple red on the heart coin purse, I think it would look good on small accessories.

I will try to ask more when I pick up my damier speedy in bloomies. Maybe at the meantime, other PFers can enlighten me on the darker red or lighter red issue :idea: ??
My SA said that it is perle, framboise and the pomme d'amour that the valentine's items will be available in...I guess no one will know for sure until these goodies hit the boutique! I can't wait!