Saw Two of My Favorite Things Today...

  1. Clay Aiken was in NYC for the Unicef lighting of the Snowflake on 57th and I was watching a video of his speech [he's a Unicef Ambassador] and what is across the street?? Yep, a Louis Vuitton store! I should have been there today, could have seen Clay and shopped LV!! LOL :rolleyes:
  2. Haha, We love us some Clay aiken too, our whole fam are claymates!!!! Every1 else thinks we are SOOOO SAD! haha we love him, and this guy named Anthony Aallea (Australian idol version of clay and I hate to say it, but SOOOO HOT!)
  3. Kewl!! My Illovo will probably attend her first Clay concert with me in December! :rolleyes: