Saw two miroirs today!

  1. I live in Toronto and I have never seen any Louis Vuitton IRL other than the speedy, batignolles and some epi pieces. However much to my extreme pleasure, as I was getting on the subway to work, I saw a guy, looked to be in his 20s, wearing shorts and a tight shirt, carrying a gold miroir speedy and a silver miroir keepall!
    I was just like :nuts: lol
    I just gasped and stared. He looked so proud but nonchalant at the same time, like it's no big deal that I'm carrying thousand-dollar bags. hehe
    Just wanted to share my exciting LV spotting!
  2. so exciting, I love when I see LV's out and about. To this day though I still have not seen a miror speedy or keepall in person. so very cool.
  3. Lol! Isnt Lv spotting fun?! I havent seen a Miroir bag irl yet!
  4. Yay for great self-confidence!
  5. I stopped by my local Gucci boutique this afternoon and as soon as I entered the store,my attention was focused on a woman that was carrying a silver Miroir speedy. While I was checking out the sales section in the shoe dept. this same woman sauntered in and began trying on shoes. This is the first time that I've seen anyone carrying a Miroir piece. The funny thing is that I almost carried my silver Miroir speedy today but decided against it since I wanted a smaller hand bag with me.
  6. that's so cool, i love seeing real LV out and about.
  7. i have only once seen a miroir bag whilst out on someone who walked past me. I was pretty excited and turnd around to stare hehe.
  8. Wow! Now that's a stunner! I would've been like :wtf::nuts::drool: I dont think I'll ever see a real miroir in person, not here anyways...
  9. I think guys with miroirs are so nice!

    They look so classy
  10. Its great to see LV handbags in action!!
  11. Wow!! 2 in one day? That must be a sign ;)
  12. Love LV sightings.
  13. ive never seen miroir IRL. :'(
    except mine.
  14. I've never seen anyone carrying a mirior IRL either!
  15. I've never seen anyone with a Miroir bag?