saw two bubble quilt bags today

  1. at Saks Phoenix, one in that light beige/pale gold color and the other was brown I think....they were that flap style with the longer single shoulder strap. PM me for my SA's name/# if you are looking.
  2. i thought they were all sold out. did you happen to see any tote style at all?
  3. i meant the bowler style :smile:
  4. I also remember seeing a pretty hunter-green bubble quilt bag at Beechwood Saks a couple wks ago... can't quite remember the style, unfortunately.
  5. no, i haven't seen a bowler in a long time, i ahve one so I know this style! they are stunning bags! good luck on your search!
  6. thank you trishaluvslv. did you decide to keep the bowler? it's a beauty! enjoy.:greengrin::tup: