Saw Tweed Flap with Karl's Signature

  1. I was at a local consignmemt shop today and saw a tweed flap in pink (with some gold threads in between), I was so surprised when I opened the flap and saw on the inner flap, Karl Legerfeld's signature with a date 2005 ( I think, it was so cursive) .... this flap has a classic chain with cream leather going through it, and the inner flap is also in cream leather.... it was priced at HKD8900 (approx. USD1140)....

    I couldn't snap a pic of the flap as I don't think they would allow me to do it....

    The Manager of the store told me that Karl signed on this series of flap for a special release in 2005 (both auth. card and hologram starts with 10), anybody know anything about this?? I am not sure if it was a true true signature or a printed signature, it looks pretty real to me.... I got very excited at the shop thinking if I should just get it since it has the master's signature on it, but then wasn't sure if I would use this pink tweed flap at all...

    If it's truly signed by KL...I don't think anyone would want to sell it right.... I am not sure if I would go back for the flap , but would really appreciate some insighs and comments from my dear friends here.... has anybody seen this flap if it really was a special release in 2005?
  2. Sounds like it may be a one of. Perhaps the owner is deceased and thus it ended up in the consignment store. I've never heard of or seen a bag with Karl's signature, but I'm not "an expert."
  3. I know nothing about this, but the bag sounds pretty!
  4. I thnik that you talk about this bag.:love:
    It is about 2005 to 2006 item
    07fo21pzok_new.jpg chanel%202.jpg chanel%203.jpg
  5. ^^Wow- it's a beauty!
  6. I love it!
  7. that's the bag i was thinking of too! totally gorgeous.

    wasnt it only released for the special opening of a HK boutique? not sure about that but i remember it wasnt available in the US

    btw IceEarl, you should get it! That's a great price!
  8. Go get it Ice Earl, I think the bag is really stunning and the signature makes it a true chanel collectors piece!
  9. It's a gorgeous bag. How fast can your feet carry you back to the shop?!!
  10. Run back there.. please.. it's a great price...
  11. this is a special release to celebrate the reopening/remodeling of the prince building Chanel in hong kong. I saw this bag in person when I was in hong kong. But I think the signature is a print instead of actually signed by karl individually.
  12. Thanks so much for posting the pics chy123, yes this is the one..

    And thanks ladies...the bag is pretty... ErrrrrrK........I am not a pink person... remember all my purses are black...:p
    Is tweed bag a spring thing or an autumn purse? I always thought it should be carried during autumn becase of the material, but the model in the pic is definatley in summer outfit.... ??

    I am going to call the shop later and see if it's still available...

  13. IceEarl- Wow that is a beautiful bag:tup::nuts:, I'm not a pink person either but is tweed w/little gold, you should get it!

    chy123- where did you get the pic.?, do you have one too?
  14. One for everyone's collection, gorgeous bag.
  15. Awww....i haven't seen one of this flap bag....she's a beauty! I hope i can find such rare gems here in any of our local consignment shop.

    GL and hope the bag is still available~