Saw tons of LV on Maui vacation

  1. Ok-so I'm back from vacation on Maui. Saw tons of other vacationing ladies with real LV all over the place. All different kinds too....mostly mono bags but then I saw a beautiful peppermint vernis bag and a fuschia perfo musette. I was rocking my mono sophie. I can't remember when I have seen so many women carrying LV-and the real ones! It was great! I stopped by both boutiques on the island and yet managed to get only a large denim zippy wallet & denim cles. I am so obsessed with the Noir Mirage Speedy that I didn't really want anything else. My husband was so surprised-he practically forced me to buy something (yet I'm sure his credit card was thankful). Maui still has tons of dentelle, the grey nimbus collection and the neverfulls. I even saw a gold street shopper and the pomme sunset blvd. Oh-no mirrior lockits or damier sophies left. I hope they call me soon for Noir Mirage Speedy!!!!!!
  2. It sounds like you had a great trip! Congrats! I am very jealous! It is so much fun to see real LV's!
  3. whew! i thought you were going to say you saw a slob with a black denim cabby...and that would've been me LOL.

    i feel the same way whenever i vacation to honolulu. lots of lovely dressed japanese ladies with their authentics.