Saw this real fake spy at the airport last night

  1. On my way back home from Houston, I see this woman sitting across from me with a FAKE and UGLY spy. She was sporting it so proudly, I felt sorry for her. It had the braided handles, cheap leather etc. And get this, on the flap with the spy wand, there is a big triangular PRADA logo.:roflmfao: I guess the fakers could not decide what they wanted it to be FENDI or PRADA. I only hope this poor woman did not pay much for it.
  2. The Prada logo? that's too funny!
  3. Oh that is horrible, hopefully she didn't pay alot for it, would be really sad if she thought it was real...
  4. Poor girl/woman. Always when I see a fake, I feel that I should give them a fine for sporting a fake. But they always seem so pathetic I almost think that is punishment enough.
    Someday I will go up to the person and ask: "So you think supporting child labour, human trafficing and criminals is a good thing? At least that is what your fake bag says about you." And then walk away:biggrin:
  5. A Prada triangle?!!! That's so hilarious!!! What are people thinking?:shrugs:
  6. PAHAHHAA.... well - that's what you get!!
    People don't know how ridiculous they look showing off fake bags.
    I would have found it hard to keep my mouth shut - I may have said "Oh I love your fendi!! Oh sorry - do you have a prada sign on it???!!! Woops, my mistake, I thought it was authentic..."

    tres chic that is so funny!! Like having bag police!!
  7. Yes coco! A bag police would be great. Maybe I should consider a career change...:cool:
  8. Yikes! Poor thing...I blame the criminals who take advantage of people's ignorance... I always try to think that the person carrying it is an expert at something else and we all know that we don't know it all...oh wait a minute...I'm a mom..I DO know everything!:smartass::lol:
  9. a fendi spy with a prada logo! i would rather carry a plastic bag instaed!