Saw this in Gucci outlet...

  1. a year ago...I think.
    Basically a simple pink tote. I regret not getting it last year.

    Does anyone know if its still available in outlets near you?
    Thanks for the help :smile:
  2. Not in Cabazon, California :sad: I was looking for one as well! Do you remember how much was it at the outlet?
  3. I also regret not getting that one last year at the sale. I got the 'abbey' medium shoulder bag in pink instead.
  4. Wish there was an outlet by me!!!
  5. Me to.
  6. That's so beautiful! I love the pink Gucci, I have a pink Gucci, but a smaller one, I don't know the name. I been desperatly looking for a matching wallet, probably a small wallet, but I can't find that as well.
  7. LakersGyrl2003, I got a pink Guccissima wallet from eBay (scary sometimes...) I will see if it's real, and post pics if so.
  8. I'm too scared to shop on eBay!! I couldn't do it! But I would LOVE to see pics!:yes:
  9. I think it was more than the ebay price but I'd rather pay a bit more and be sure that its authentic.
    Last time I went was on memorial day weekend so they have additional 30% off and with the additional discount, it was about $200.
  10. I wish there was an outlet near me also!! That was a cute tote bag!
  11. I got this Gucci last June. It was 30% off when I bought it. I paid around 500CHF..
    Gucci 2