Saw this in an auction - what does this mean...

  1. "attention VERO my auction / bags are authentic"

    Is this a disclaimer so that they don't take down your auction or something? Not sure what it means..
  2. yes, VERO is a dept or something with eBay that looks at listings and delete ones they feel are not authentic. she must have had some of her listings deleted by them or something.
  3. Vero is a program which involves various brand names, they have legal companies acting on behalf of the brand and go through listings requesting eBay to remove certain auctions.

    Although they are meant to only remove if counterfeit there has been brands that have removed many genuine auctions. Then the seller has to go to the trouble of providing proof of authenticity before they are allowed to relist.
  4. good grief, that was a heck of a lot better then my explanation! lol! good one!!
  5. I wonder if it works? I know there has been some discussion about including Vero statements, but I don't have a feel for whether it means listings remain up. Does anyone know?
  6. Disclaimer or no disclaimer if vero requests an auction be taken down for whatever reason eBay have to comply and the onus will be on the seller to prove otherwise before being allowed to relist.

    I have heard coach and chanel can be unfair with authentic auctions also, don't know what has happened lately as I reported some really horrid counterfeits, ebay would not pull them so I contacted chanel vero and still nothing.
  7. Sometimes sellers put that in on fake listings too, though... maybe to throw off suspicion?