Saw This At Saks And Fell In Love!

  1. [​IMG]this pic doesnt do it justice..IRL the leather is so mushy ..and it has a detachible messenger strap...SO PRETTY! Its 1650..I may buy it thursday when Saks has their EGC EVENT.What do you think of this?
  2. I think it is stunning. I love the hardware and the Gucci stripe logo fabric detail inside. I saw the bag two weeks ago at Saks and i love it.
  3. I haven't seen it IRL but I think it's gorgeous!

    What's the EGC event?
  4. You spend over 1000..and get 100 GC.
    spensd 2000-get 300 dollar GC!
  5. I wonder why I didn't get an email about it? I'm going to have to check it out!
  6. I saw it on their website under special events...
  7. Jill, I think it is a gorgeous bag. I am waiting for this one and the runway messenger tophandle bag to come in in all black though and then am going to decide between the two. My BG SA said the dark brown was beautiful and had really yummy leather. I'm holding out for all black though without the green/red webbing under the G's. Please post your pics if you get the brown one!
  8. I LOVE IT!!! Very classy looking
  9. I've seen that bag IRL and it's gorgeous! Definitely get it, Jill!
  10. :heart: it. Definitely a good buy!
  11. i like it but do not love it.
  12. i saw it IRL....the leather is so soft, and i really like its style!:heart:
  13. i've seen this too, it's gorgeous IRL.
  14. I saw it in the display window of Gucci and it really caught my eye. It seems like you are liking large bags with handles and a long strap. Would you get this instead of that $2K + Prada?

    I really like it. A nice combo of subtle and bling!