Saw this 15 year old school girl with a MJ Topaz Stam today....

  1. I have to say I felt gutted. She went to a private school, so I guess she can afford it, but i nearly puked when she had it on the wet grass swinging it around and everything :crybaby:
    I'm sure it would've loved me as an owner instead I'd treat her with the respect she deserves.
  2. :sad: so sorry

    i wish i had a black stam

    i can understand how that feels

    though i read some girls on the coach board that are 12!!!!

    haha my parents would have laughed at me if i asked for a purse at 12
  3. A few weeks ago I saw a school girl with a Sophia. I thought first it was a fake but then she opened it to show her suede interior full of "teenage" stuff ... I know how you feel, believe me ....:push:
  4. :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  5. :wtf: That's terrible!
  6. Wow. I think that's a bit unnecessary. When I was that age the nicest bag I had was a DB. That was still probably unnecessary, but it wasn't a Stam.
  7. Kids these days..definitely aren't the same as when I was younger, that's for sure!
  8. At that age I think I had a Guess purse and thats it. I didn't get a Coach bag until college.
  9. Lucky girl.

    I see school girls with Stams every day, most look fake though, hell, somebody must be buying all the fake ones on eBay.
  10. When I was in HS, I didn't care a lick about bags - the nicest thing I had was a Nine West bag. It's too bad that she didn't seem to value her Stam. My very first designer bag was a Kate Spade that I saved up for in college with my paltry salary, working a few days in the Dean's Office. I worked so hard for it that I babied the heck out of it.
  11. oh well......i am still waiting for mine to be shipped from Saks today for $630.....
  12. LOL same here!! I don't think I even knew what designer purses were back then. I feel bad for the poor stam =(
  13. oh my gosh! if she's getting a stam at 15, what in the world are they gonna do with her when she is 18...

    even if i could afford to buy my daughter a stam @ 15 years old i wouldn't do it...

    maybe she could borrow mine, lol, but if i saw her throw it in the wet grass....:boxing:hahaha
  14. Wow! I can understand wanting your 15 year old daughter to have nice things, but giving her a stam to take to school where it'll get all grimy (EVEN if your daughter is super careful, school is gross!) is unbelievable!

    We should all have a moment of silence for that poor stam!
  15. I've seen several school girls with designer bags. As someone who is not especially careful (dare I say, anal?) with my bags, like the girl you observed, I just have to say that I recognize it's (a) not a precious piece of art, like a De Kooning (b) it's meant to be used, and yes, sometimes can get dirty. I don't think true luxury is something to be worshipped and put on a shelf, but to be enjoyed and used.