Saw these shoes at Marshalls

  1. Hello!

    I am just posting to let you all know that i went to marshalls today and they had these same exact coach shoes in all three colors for $119 in case any of you are interested;)

  2. Wow! Where are you located??
  3. Im in miami but I would assume that if you check your local Marshalls they may have them
  4. thats like two years ago i saw the signatrue ones in one size 9 and im definately not...a size an i got all excited and let down all at once...
  5. too huh??
    I'm an 11 also and I have the most awful time finding shoes I really love in my size.
  6. bump

    I just saw several styles of Coach shoes being sold at Marshals today. Most of them were similar to the ones posted by the OP.
  7. ohh thanks for letting us know!
  8. The shoes the OP saw (Hillory pumps) are 20% off at Macy's right now.
  9. I just remembered that there were also some patchwork sneakers (the kind w/o laces) for $69.