Saw these in FP and knew in time they would be MINE...

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  1. ....bc yall know - everything goes!!!!!

    Ms Aegean Lindsey!~!!

  2. Ms Saffron Lindsey !!!

    YES she is now #10
  3. love that color! Damn girl #10!

  4. Thanks SISSY
  5. Lovely!!!
  6. love them sistah!!! enjoy them all... wow!!! i am happy for u... u sure love the Lindsey!!! me, too!!!
  7. Beautiful! :loveeyes: Congrats!

  8. jajajajaja YES I DO ;)
  9. I love those colors! I have them in the Madison Tote. :smile:
  10. Yay!!!! #10 looks awesome!!!! Man I wish my outlet had those colors!
  11. OMG, that saffron is stunning! Me likey, congrats lady job well done :woohoo:

  12. thanks SISSY and u know where to find Saff ;)
  13. Great colors, if I say so myself. I'm not a huge fan of the Lindsey, but I am a HUGE fan of both the Aegean and Saffron!

    I have a Saffron Maggie on its way to me and I'm still sitting tight for the Sophia in Aegean. *drool*
  14. Gorgeous! Both colors are stunning. Nice additions to your rocking Lindsey collection.

  15. Tote coming tomorrow in acorn ;)