Saw them, loved them, what about you?

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  1. I would love love love someone to show these off here on the PurseForum.

    We ran these on TalkShoes this week, and I did a search and did not fined a reveal or an action picture, so please forgive me if I missed on of you sporting these.

    Many of us are not living where the weather would lend itself to styling them at the moment, but I hope someone has a pair I would love to see them on!


    Thanks for indulging me.
    What do you think of these?
  2. Perfect for spring!
  3. not a fan tbh.
  4. I'm not a fan either. It looks like little colored Hershey kisses on the pumps.
  5. not a fan to be completely honest
  6. Love it!!!

    Waiting for the 100mm to come out because I hate the new piggy shape. :smile:
  7. Very cute
  8. I don`t like them ....
  9. not for me..
  10. They are already available for preorder at Neiman Marcus.
  11. I drew a face with multicolored dots like this when i was young and my dad said "that kid looks like he has small pox"....
    These shoes do not look healthy to me...
  12. It's funny because my mother said something similar when she saw some of the spike Pigalles LOL! I think it was either the nude or Corazon...she mentioned that she thought they looked like "pimples".

    Personally, in spite of my being a fan of the old style spike Pigalles, these don't do it for me-I prefer my whites to be "cleaner" and I'm not a fan of the pastel spikes.
  13. I agree, I didn't want to say this before but the all nude pastel spikes also remind me of neurofibromatosis... Really sad... :sad:
    Besides, I thought spikes were supposed to give that edgy rocker feel, not cute in multicolors...
  14. Thanks! Waiting for them to come in store so I can try them on. Thinking of sizing up 0.5 size from my regular piggy size.
  15. Pretty colours but yeah wouldn't buy them