Saw the worst fake last night at Dallas Galleria

  1. it was a Manhattan PM knock off, having had just come from LV it was fresh in my mind and I saw the fake and it was SO obvious! It was short like a perfect square and she seemed all proud I was like :throwup: It's such a pretty bag its a shame to see a fake like that!
  2. Yea...I was walking on Michigan Ave. last night and saw one of those horrible Almas with feet LOL
  3. Maybe she couldn't afford a real one and is uneducated about fakes and saw a nice bag and bought it. I am not condoning fakes but some people don't have thousands of dollars to throw down for a handbag.
  4. Fakes support terroism.
    So i am anti-fake, maybe the women doesnt know about that.
  5. t
    :yes::yes: or maybe she knows it but doesn't care :push:
  6. Oh no I agree, it's just before I could I didn't buy fakes, I mean I love some of the bags at Target! There are nice ones without being obviously fake :sad:
  7. oh my goodness i go to the Dallas Galleria alot and i seen the worst fake LVs ever and i go to alot of the other malls in Dallas like North Park and some of the people are look soo happy to have that fake on their arms. Its kinda funny. lol....