saw the travel lindy

  1. i saw the travel lindy. my sa said it was new. it was 45 cm in black clemence. had an adjustable strap and toile lining like the victoria. seemed really nice and huge. the only thing is i couldn't see taking it on a plane and stuffing it in the overhead. it was too big to use as a hand bag. anyway it was beautiful.
  2. WOW! Hope to see someone posting a picture of the travel Lindy on tPF soon.
  3. ooh exciting :nuts:

    do you think it would fit a laptop? :whistle: not a tiny one, 15" screen..
  4. That's exciting news! Hope to get a pic soon!
  5. Sounds like a super duper athletic bag?
  6. Fabulous Indeed!!
  7. I can't imagine taking ANY nice luggage of any kind and putting it on any plane other than ones own Gulfstream! I'm even worried about taking my Kelly to FL and CA this winter. I have to fly part of the way on one of those hideous commuter small planes, and I don't want to scratch my bag stuffing it under a seat.
  8. Looking forward to seeing one in my store!
  9. My SA said it was going to be all about the Lindy in 2008... hope so.
  10. ^^^ AAL? All about lindy? WOO HOO!!!!!!

    DanGIT they need to wait til 2010!!!!!

    Hmm, a travel lindy would be cool, for car trips and stuff. I would be scared to use on a plane though!
  11. ^ For Car Trips It Sounds Fabulous....I Can't Wait To See!!!!!
  12. Sounds wonderful! Can't wait for pictures!
  13. Yup. No new bags it seems. The Lindy is so successful it's no wonder Hermes want to 'milk this cow' (sorry for the pun) But there will be re-launches of a couple of bag designs.
  14. There is a range of barenia trimmed felt bags... one model is a reissue of a previous designs, but the rest are new for the season. The felt comes in various colors...
  15. Are these casual bags, archangel? I wonder when my SA said no new bags, she meant no new bags ordered for the store now. There are just some bags I know my store wouldn't order if the SM thinks they won't move.