Saw the steady in sterling yesterday...

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  1. ...and, I have to say, I was disappointed. :crybaby: I was really looking forward to this bag, and I ordered it from Bloomingdale's during their sale, it's supposed to come next week. But yesterday I actually saw the bag for the first time, and I was not impressed.

    To me there are two problems. First of all, the bag is really big. Like bigger than the MAB. Which in itself isn't such a huge problem, but it's big and gold and it just doesn't work.

    The second problem is the leather. It is not smooshy, squishy RM leather. It's not pebbly and it's not smooth - it's rough. It feels a little like sandpaper. I know metallic leather is hard to do, but this is just not what I was expecting at all.

    So the bag, when it gets here, is going back. I'm so bummed out because I was so excited, and I thought this would be the perfect gold bag.

    Has anyone else seen this bag? I'm interested in other people's opinions.
  2. i am sorry you don't like the bag! that is such a disappointment. maybe your bag will be smooshy when it arrives? i have not seen this bag IRL...i hope you end up liking it!!
  3. The color name Sterling must be a misnomer. I would have expected it to be silver and not gold :confused1:! I'm sorry you were disappointed in the color & style - but it sounds like there's great colors and styles coming soon so I'm sure the right one is waiting for you!
  4. I'm sorry you didn't love it! i would like to thank you for your review, though, since I had my eye on the sterling as well. I could tell from pictures that the leather had a texture to it, and that was what held me back from ordering it until I heard firsthand what it was like in person.
  5. oh my thank you for your review! i was really wanting the sterling in the LEX clutch. I thought it would be more of a metallic silver too, not gold. I already have a gold Gussto Cala, and have the night/gold crackle coming too... i guess no sterling for me!
  6. Oh bummer! I was hoping it would be more silvery, too ( sterling silver). I guess I can cross that one off the list :sad:
  7. Oh no! Sorry to hear your experience... I was actually really lusting after a steady in sterling, but after hearing your review, I think i will pass on it. If it's bigger than the MAB I Dont' think I can handle it :sad:
  8. Aw, that's a bummer. That bag looks so pretty in photos but I know exactly what you're talking about with the leather. I had a bag that was made of that rough, crackled leather once and I ended up selling it because when I wore short sleeve tops it hurt my arm. I was wondering about the size of the Steady. I didn't realize that it's so big!