Saw the saddest fake yesterday

  1. mother and I went to Atlantic City and sat next to this girl who had a cherry blossom mini sac hl....she clutched it like it was gold. It was sooo funny. It was the WORST fake I had seen in a really long time. But that brings me to another question. Does anyone know if they made any wallets in the Cherry Blossom?
  2. YES, the pti style
  3. i know they have the small change purse wallet-type thing too...selling on ebay right now for around $400.
  4. As far as I can remember, they made; PTI, coin purse and mirror..
  5. ^^ Yep...and they are gorgeous!
  6. wow, it must have been as bad as the white MC fluorescent bucket i saw yesterday. i must say that was pretty bad myself. hehehe...
  7. Hmmm... maybe she didn't know it was fake?
  8. I don't think it's funny really. Some people can't afford the real thing and a fake is all they will ever get. My first bag was a fake and I loved it like it was the real thing. Some people will never own an authentic bag because they are poor. I don't think that is funny.
  9. I think it's sad that you think it is funny. Sorry.
  10. Well Louis Vuitton wasn't made to be affordable... it's a luxury.

    Just because I can't afford something at the moment, like an Alzer for example, doesn't mean I have to go out and buy a fake... I WAIT until I have my hard earned money and then go and buy it. Hearing the "Oh I can't afford LV so I buy fakes" excuse is sooo annoying... *sigh*
  11. ^ not every is as priviledged as you. :crybaby:

    some people are just sentimental with their belongings so if she likes/values her fakes then let her be... dont shun her because of that. it is the inside that counts :supacool:
  12. ^ My thoughts exactly. Here we all are on this site, showing off about what lovely things we have and some people will neverbe able to afford anything like it. So if they even want a touch of 'luxury' then it may mean that that is a fake for them. I just hope the girl did not see you sniggering at her. There but for the grace of god go I, OP.
  13. I think this exactly, people who cant afford the real thing, may buy a fake knowing or not knowing it is one and can still get the same reaction from people like "OMG you got LV OMG" that makes there lives a little happier knowing they have a bag that most people dont have even if it is a fake. So I would count yourself and myself lucky that we have the real things.
    I remeber an old lady who lived round the corner from me, she was only on a pension after her husband dided and one day I saw her with an LV bag (I knew myself it was fake) but I aid to her "I love your bag" I didnt say it out of pitty, I said it because I wanted her to feel happy that she had this. Count yourselves lucky
  14. I think sometimes all of us on this site should take a minute to reflect, as we look at our bag collections, just how lucky we are. We are very very lucky and should have humility.
  15. ^And not be like the OP! Sorry Selena, but really you should be a bit more humble really.