Saw the Ring bag and love it! Your impressions of this bag......

  1. Saw it at Footcandy in both the Black and Nude watersnake versions. First, is Footcandy legit? Also, is the Ring bag relatively lightweight??? Do any of you own it in either color, or have you seen it IRL in either color? Love Jimmy Choo and just deciding on which bag to possibly purchase, either the Riki or the Ring-love shoulder bags/hobos!!!!


  2. I own this bag in Burgundy and love it!:heart::heart:

    It is so much lighter to carry than the Mahalas or the Ramonas and easier to carry on the shoulder than the Riki or Ramonas. The Black is Gorgeous too, but I have not seen the Nude IRL. As for Footcandy, I have never ordered from there, but other members have and have not had any problems!
  3. Robynbenz! You have been such a help today. Truly appreciate it. Exactly the answers I was looking for. Would love the Burgundy one if they had it, but have tons of clothes with black in it, and although I have many black bags, they all serve their purposes!

    Thanks again!!!
  4. Footcandy is authentic. I have ordered shoes over the phone before and the SA was great. We wore the same size shoe and she even tried them on for me for size. They have three boutiques now I think.

    The Ring bag is such a great bag I have it in burgandy but almost held out for the nude color because I heard it was so gorgeous. I think the proportions are very flattering, and as Robyn said, the bag is a light bag. Good luck with your decision and keep us posted.