Saw the Raisin Leather Legacy Shoulder bag IRL...and fell in LOVE!!

  1. OMG - this bag is so gorgeous! The color is just amazing - of course purple is my favorite color!! I left the boutique without her on Saturday...despite my overwhelming urges. When I got home and told DH how lovely she was, he told me to go ahead and get her for Christmas!!! I ordered it yesterday (with 25% off!!) and will have to be tortured by the red ribbon covered box until December 25th!! But I'm going to have to open her up briefly just to make sure that she's flawless, right. So I'll take pics during my inspection :graucho: Here's the drilldown pic to tide you over until then...

    So what color wallet do you think would look best with the raisin bag (I don't like the Legacy wallets so won't be getting the matching wallet)? Do you think black would look best?
  2. Black, or maybe a nice rich brown/tan. Take her shopping and ask her what fits best :yes:
    That is such a fabulous color.
  3. that is such a yummy color. I have never looked at the legacy IRL but it looks very nice in this color. Is it roomy? When you where it on your shoulder, is it snug? If it is, I think that would bother me. CONGRATS !!!!
  4. Oh, yummy! Congratulations! I think a black wallet would be awesome or maybe the legacy stripe wallet!
  5. Beautiful!!!! I think black or a nice rich brown would be beautiful with this! :tup:
  6. ColdSteel - that is a great idea! I'll get HER opinion on what she wants to be paired with. I won't try to arrange the marriage!

    Handbag-Ho (I just your screen name!) - I have an 06 legacy shoulder and think it roomy enough for me. Probably a touch less than the medium Carly, but you have the benefit of the front turnlock pocket and the back open pocket. I'm petite so it doesn't fit too snug on me. I'll take some modeling pics and load my stuff in it for some pics during inspection!!
  7. Ah you are so lucky.
    But I know that not being able to look at them is going to drive you crazy. I know because my hubby has all of my coach collection until I loose some weight....:cursing:
  8. Oh, so gorgeous!! And the shoulder bag is my favorite Legacy style, although I don't own one yet!!
  9. i love legacy

    a black wallet would go great with it
  10. Purple is my fav color too. I have seen this color and I love it. I would love the Leigh bag in this color.
  11. I love that bag too! I am so tempted but think I am going to wait till after Christmas.
  12. It's on it's way and should be here Friday. Crap I was supposed to work late and DH gets home early!! I'm going to have to take some personal time so I can come home early and secretly open it and rewrap it quick!