Saw the Pink Glazed Flap.....

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  1. I ran over to NM to look at the Pink Glazed Flap with the New Chain, and wore my Blush Patent Flap to compare. WOW! The pink glazed is not at all PINK! I would definately say more of a peachy color, with almost with a slight yellow undertone. Not at all what I expected by the photos I have seen. If you are looking for a soft pink this is not the bag. The peachy color is pretty, but just not pink......
  2. Sounds gorgeous anyway :yes:
  3. I want to see it IRL, but I don't want to see it IRL. I'm afraid I'll love it, and my wallet is already in heeps of trouble.
  4. ^ me too!! LOL

    thanks for posting chabich! i was beginning to wonder if i should return the dusty rose one i just got and wait for the light pink one instead. if the light pink does have all this peachy undertone, then i don't think that's a bag for me. i want a true pink! :p
  5. My thoughts exactly. And pink(-ish) things are my weakness.
  6. I saw it too, its def peachy, not a pink at all!
  7. PHEW!Thank god its peachy...LMAO..My wallet is so RELIEVED!
  8. ITA that's how I felt. I'm actually glad I went and looked at it so I wouldn't wonder if I should have. I've got the Blush, so one pink bag is enough...It is really pretty and sooo soft!
  9. My SA described it as a flesh color not really a true pink? Haven't seen it IRL yet though.
  10. ^^ ITA! It's more fleshy than pink. Beautiful bag, tho'
  11. Sounds pretty and unique, but I have been on a black kick lately. Thanks for the info.