Saw the Pegase 50 in Vernis - Amarente

  1. There was one in the Vuitton store in Denmark - It looked soo good and I am NOT keen on the color on the bags, but it totally works on the pegase!!
  2. Can't wait to see it IRL:nuts:
  3. oh man, this sounds GORGEOUSSSSS
  4. wow I hope my store gets one, I would love to see IRL
  5. hehe I saw that one too Mai Britt
    I wonder if they are selling it or if it was only display
  6. I don't know.. I never know how to see what items are display only or sales items.
  7. Ah i want to see it irl!! :nuts:
  8. Anyone have pics of this...i would love to see it!
  9. wow I would love to own one.
  10. :huh::huh: cool. i'd like to see one IRL.
  11. Well, people were complaining about the finger marks on the small leather goods... Imagine how this will look.. :wtf:
  12. That sounds crazy awesome :yes:
  13. oooh sounds pretty!
  14. i can't wait for it!
  15. when will it be released ?