Saw the Patchwork Carly

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  1. Just wanted to let you know there IS a patchwork Carly and it is only available at Dillard's. Has anyone else seen it yet? Just wanted to let you know!
  2. I did see both the Denim and the Khaki Carly. They have the same prints as the ergo hobo in the same colors. They are being sold in Nordstrom. I was not that impressed. I think those prints are just too busy. I do like the simple Denim tote I got Although I was reassured, I am still. afraid of the Denim transfer for I have the wallet also. LOL..Love your collection. I have the demi black leather Carly from an outlet find last week on vacation. Leather is heavy for me and the gold and Khaki Carly. I hope I am going to stay at this ban for now...I have enough. How often do you change those bags? There is a mesh organizer my SA told me about that you can change from bab to bag so easily your wallet, makeup case and most essentials quickly. I cannot find it online. Will let you all know...
  3. Someone on here has one.
  4. macys also has the patchwork carly's....but they also had a very cute demi style, (but larger than an actual demi)!!! in the khaki patchwork and it was darling
    anyone else seen this bag....have not seen this style at the boutique so it may be only dept stores
  5. I think all dept. stores have them that sell Coach. Just Coach themselves do not have it, nor can they order it.
  6. I think they look ok....just the flower aplicas on the denim one bother me.
  7. Yes, saw it at Dillard's. I liked it a lot and much better than the pouch version at the boutiques.
  8. I honestly think the new patchwork is very ugly. It looks like a 3rd grade home economics project. Sorry, they look really cheap to me. I would rather have a camel leather or gold signature.
  9. I saw it and don't care for it JMO.
  10. too busy
  11. I saw a medium PW Carly at Nordies today. Too busy is right.
  12. i have the denim patchwork carly. i got it at dillards.
  13. Now be nice, that may be someones latest favorite bag, As I tell my sons when they don't like something that is served for dinner.. instead of going on about how gross it is, a simple, "No thanks, I don't care for that" will do. :smile:
  14. And I think it is adorable! :tup: The style is a little young for me, but I've seen your pics and it looks wonderful on you. :smile::yes:
  15. I bought the indigo patchwork wallet (the smaller of the two they have) and LOVE it. I also bought the denim sig stripe tote. I really love it but decided I am gonna return it. Keeping the wallet though. I normally would NEVER carry a denim or fabric bag. But for some reason I really like the indigo patchwork. It's fun looking.