Saw the Patchwork and Dentelle bags in person--LONG--

  1. Let me tell you that I loved loved loved the denim bowling bag. I cannot remember the name.

    But it was so cute in person. I was surprised b-cuz I thought that I would like the speedy and nothing else but that was not the case. I'm so happy that I will have another LV shoulder bag. Its hard to find ones that I like.

    In pics when I first saw the denim patch bags I thought they were so tacky. But I'm really loving it now. I will definitly get one when they come out.

    Also for speedy lovers I think you should all think about the demin patchwork speedy. It is very cute and comes in blue or gray. If I were not buying the bowler I would get the speedy. You really have to see and feel these IRL. Pics don't do justice.

    As for the dentelle bags. Ummm. Probably not. They did not jump out at me. They have quite a bit going on anf the gold hardware is ....well......very gold and chunky. (think circa 1980s fatboys/beastie boys/run dmc)

    Don't kill me. Just my opinion. The speedy does not have the chunky gold it was a few other bags. I didnt write down the names. They were both shoulder bags. And i didnt like the handles on the dentelle speedy. It was dark. Yucky.

    Anyway--I'm sure that lots of people adore the dentelle and hate the patchwork. That's the beauty of having different choices. Just thought I'd share.

    I saw a few other limited pieces but nothing else that I want to buy. Oh--saw the rivets and it was pretty but too pricey IMO.

    Anyone else see the new bags IRL? What do you all think?
  2. Thanks for the info!

    OT, I heard you called Valley Fair today ;) Are you gonna get it? :graucho:
  3. Thank you for the info!
  4. Thank you for the info!!!
  5. Here's the bowler one that I love.

    I know some will gasp and think its tacky. (I did too when I first saw a pic of it). But I really like it. Its different. i will rock it with my head held high. LOL:p

  6. The Speedy looks amazing IRL!!! :nuts:
  7. COOl.what were the prices on the denim?
    And did ya keep the cruise denim bag?
  8. Yup. I called and she was so nice and helpful. I will definitly keep her on my list for contacts. But she saud the bronze one was gone. She only had the beige. :push:

    Thanks for the help anyway ;)

    Works out better though. Now I can save my money for the bowler bag. LOL
  9. also-when is the release date for the denim again?I keep getting diff dates..LOL

  10. Yes I still have my cruise cabas gm. I even bought the small too one b-buz I loved the big one so much. LOL

    I have taken a weird liking to everthing LV denim lately. :roflmfao:
  11. ^lol! Me Too!!!!
  12. Here is the large Dentelle bag that I was talking about.

    Honestly if someone gave me this bag I would totally carry it. I just would not buy it myself. its something that I would pull out twice a year maybe.
    I swear those gold chains are the loudest most orange gold ever.

    The SA who was helping me was in love with it. She tried to talk me into one but I couldnt see it.

  13. I agree the Patchwork Denim looks great. I like the gray better than the blue. :smile:

    How much was the PD Speedy and Bowling bags?
  14. ^The speedy is $1890.

    Iluvbags can you tell me which looked better on the dentelle, the gold or silver lace?

  15. Yup. :yes: Its gonna be grey for me.

    The bowler was like 2300 or 2400. The speedy had a tag the inside for $1050 or something like that but I've read on the forum that the prices have gone up. I didnt ask the SA b-cuz I was concentating on the bowler.

    i knew I wouldnt be able to see it again until its released in the spring.