Saw the Palermo today

  1. I was at the Bloor St store in Toronto to drop off an item for repair and I saw it on display. Right inside the door, to the right, sitting on top of a display with luggage, I think.
  2. Its aVailable for inspection, but it cant be purchased until Nov.1st.
    What did you think of it??
  3. Meh, it didn't appeal to me particularily. If I didn't already have a BH, I may have been interested for the 'tote' aspect. It was the skinny strip of vachetta across the top edge that put me off. It didn't seem to go with the rest of the bag.
    eeek! I hope I haven't upset anyone who really likes this one!
  4. I did see the Motard Biker and Pouchette though and those 2 were :love::drool:
  5. I have such a small store here that I don't get to see anything like this! They are supposed to expand next year, it is about time!!!!
  6. I saw them yesterday and totally agree!:love::drool:
  7. I don´t like it that much!
  8. I thought it looked weird too! I couldn't quite tell from the look book pages...the handles looked weird. Just reported it.
  9. Just curious. I have a BH and but now i am thinking about the palermo, what is the wide of the straps compared to BH?
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the authentic Palermo. Not sure if i still love it :crybaby:
  11. Actually, that Palermo GM is real on eBay. The handle straps are adjustable - I've seen it at the LV store (Century City) in person. It's been changed since it's appearance in the LV lookbook which showed the Palermo GM with handle straps that were NOT adjustable.

    The PM version does not have adjustable handle/straps and has thick hardware.

    Please see my previous thread on Palermo:
  12. How can you be sure it's authentic? It really looks weird and also my SA told me there's no way they will be selling it before Nov 1. :confused1:
  13. Because I saw the Palermo GM at LV! But you're right, it's not suppose to be released until Nov. 1. My SA would not sell the Palermo PM to me before the release date - but it's on hold for me. But, we've all seen LV purses purchased by tPFers appear on tPF before actual LV release dates. I think it just depends on the SA and the LV store - some stores are more stricter about the release dates but some stores (like South Coast Plaza) sometimes have permission to release some bags before the actual release date - I think this was true of the Neverfull being available at SCP before the actual release date.