Saw The New Rive Gauche (both sizes) IRL

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  1. Okay, ladies (and others), here is my opinion--YSL on 57th Street NYC now has both sizes in--this is nothing like the Muse and nothing like the photo. In the photo (from the Rive Gauche looks like a structured bag. However, though it has some hardware overlap with the Muse, the Rive Gauche is not a structured bag--the ones I saw were much squishier than the Muse. The leather flops more (not as squishy as Balenciaga, but definitely going more in that direction, especially the larger size, which is the one in the Saks photo). Also, the leather looked somewhat less textured than the Muse--flatter (maybe that was just the ones they had on display). I didn't like it at all and until I saw it, I was thinking of getting one. The small one just looked--rotund and stuffed. The larger Rive Gauche looked like a Muse trying to transform itself into a Balenciaga bag. I don't think this one is going to take off in quite the same way that the Muse has.
  2. Thanks a lot for your report! :flowers: As some of you know, I've been posting/obsessing about this bag since the beginning of July. I'm dying to see it IRL too, but it hasn't arrived in D.C. yet. Several mags and so-called experts have picked the Rive Gauche as a popular "it" bag for fall.

    I expected it to be squishy and unstructured--that's kind of what I like about it, along with the messenger style and strap. I was hoping it would be different from the Muse, which I already own.

    So now I'm not sure what to think....:sad:

    Does it look at all like this pic from my YSL catalogue?
  3. I'm confused too Cosmo. I did not like the Saks photo but I did like the smaller one also on the Saks site. I also liked the photo in the Saks catalog I got the other day. Could one bag look so different with each picture.

    Susan, what colors did you see?
  4. ^^^ Saks shows the large Rive Gauche zip tote as available in Black, Chocolate, and White. My YSL catalogue also mentions Anthracite (Grey) and Forest (Dark Green).

    This catalogue photo shows the small Rive Gauche satchel next to the larger zip tote...
  5. Let's see--I think I saw grey, as well as black (this grey was not as interesting, for me, as the metallic anthracite on the Muse. It was flatter and murkier). It looked more like your catalog photos, Cosmo, then the photo on the site, which it didn't resemble at all. But the larger one looks much bulkier (sort of bulky and squishy at the same time, if that makes sense) IRL and the smaller one looks more rotund than the photo above. In the photo above, the small one looks sort of like a doctor's bag, which would appeal to me too. In person, it looked more barrel-like. I was disappointed.
  6. I did not check the colors out in the catalog but I saw the green and that sparked my interest.
  7. Hmmm, I bet the bag looks better without the paper stuffing? (For instance, my Oversize Muse looks really bulky with the stuffing in it, but considerably better--thinner and slouchier, I guess--without it.)

    Well, I'm still thinking about getting the large Rive Gauche tote. Hopefully it looks appealingly slouchy to me IRL! We'll see. :confused1: If not, there's plenty of other great fall bags out there...

    Thanks again Susan.
  8. I'm going to take a look at this on Monday. I really have the Muse stuck in my mind and really think I'll get that but who knows. I seem to change my mind a lot.