Saw the new metallic shaded python!

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  1. Last night I saw the new metallic shaded python bag, at Nordies, in the Arad style. It was sort of ombre shaded, with a gradient from a dark raspberry to blue to purple. Got to admit, not a fan. It just didn't speak to me. The colors are some of my favorite...the dark jewel tones. I love python and have a cool Gucci patchwork python Britt shoulder bag. But this one...meh. I guess that is good...I just don't need to be tempted by another Choo bag :graucho:

    Anyone else see this fabrication?
  2. Jburgh Isn't is funny how we all have such different tastes:amazed:

    I saw it last week at Nordies in the Rio Clutch and I :heart::heart::heart: the colors and the feel of the bag:drool:

    I did not like the Rio clutch style :nogood:
    and thought if I could get it in the Alex or Ayse, I would have thought about handing over my CC.

    Thankfully, they didn't have it in anything other style :sweatdrop:
  3. Well - I guess it is only a matter of time for you. Please post the pics when you do get one. :graucho:

    Seriously though - I have to get the jungle python sale Mahala out of my head. I am obsessing. It really can't be shipped to the US.
  4. They have either a python or anaconda Mahala in a cream color at the Venitian JChoo store in Vegas! They also have it a satchel, can't remember what it is called...stunning and 50% off, although they cannot ship to California.