Saw the new lucite lock black Paddy IRL and BARF!!

  1. I was at Nordstrom today and saw the new black paddy with the lucite/plastic looking lock and BARF. The leather is SO CHEAP. If it was not at Nordies I would have bet it was a fake bag and not a real Chloe. The leather did not even look or feel like leather. Not smooshy and very dry feeling. Just yuck. Has anyone else seen the new black one IRL? I am wondering if it was just this one bag or what.
  2. Oh creepiness. It could be a random bag. I bought a creme Paddy from AR last year and returned it because I felt the leather was subpar; very stiff. Let's hope that's the case??
  3. I have seen it at Nordies also and was not at all impressed. The bottom was flat like cardboard and when I picked it up it didnt sag or smoosh like normal chloes do. It was disappointing to see the direction that chloe is taking with the new lock bags. I think this bag was made in very poor quality.
  4. Bummer!
  5. oh man! it's sp disappointing when that happens - i don't know what chloe is up to - the leather was a feature of the original paddies!

    and LOL at "BARF" - i thought it was an acronym for something at first.
  6. I was at Nordies this week and saw this bag and thought the same thing - the leather was not nice at all and had a weird texture to it. Definitely not the Chloe quality that I'm used to. They also had a cream paddington next to it with the lucite lock and that leather seemed nicer so maybe it's just the black?
  7. I also saw a lucite lock paddy IRL at Saks, and IMO just looked very cheap. I do not like the lucite lock at all!
  8. I also saw the Chloe Paddy bags (white and black) at Nordie's and the leather looks cheap! Also, I did not like the lucite lock at all, it also looks cheap! I am now going to wear my "real" Paddys and feel great about how they look in comparison with the new models...
  9. I saw the new Chloes at Neiman's also, and they are SO BAD, it's disgusting...luckily, they had a brown '05 out as well that somebody had stored in their closet for the last couple of years and returned! It was PERFECT and the leather is so gorgeous, that even though I have the medium paddy in the '06 brown, I couldn't resist and bought the '05 one! (I KNOW, I'm crazy!:nuts:) I actually have this color in the large hobo bag from '05, and they used the same chocolately reddish toned brown in the large US Shopper from '06 as well (have that one also!), but I saw the medium Chloe from '05 and couldn't resist. It was the '05 price too, just over $1, I went ahead and put it on my charge...oh well, with the awful new bags, the older version looked even BETTER than ever!:tup:
  10. Maybe in an attempt to make the bags lighter (also possibly to increase profit margin??), they've sacrificed the leather. For those of us who love Chloe for the scrumptous leather, we won't be happy campers.
    I returned a white Edith and matching wallet last summer because to me, they looked fake. BTW, they came from different retailers. The leather was so thin-ish looking.
    Hang on to those oldies!!
  11. What a great score! I love my 06, but the 05s look so soft and mushy.
  12. This is such a hearthbreaking thread. Does anybody know if there is a new CEO at Chloe? Why "fix" something that isn't broken? I havent' see the bag IRL yet, but already thought the pictures looked like a pretend Chloe. Wonder if people complained about the weight of the bag and Chloe's answer was to lighten the lock with plastic and use lightweight leather? crap.....
  13. With that as a thought, will our present Chloe's be worth more, almost like a collector's item?
  14. My guess is that they are trying to "update" the paddington and make these changes as well as address the weight of the paddy. The lock didn't bother me as much as the leather quality. It's disappointing to see such a change.

    I don't think they have a new CEO but they do have a new designer since Phoebe who started the paddington bag left. I'm not up to speed on the designers but I'm sure someone else on this board could chime in.
  15. I am not jumping on the downer bandwagon! Today at Neiman's I saw the most spectacular white Paddy - a dome shape with a lucite lock. The guy SA demonstrated it to me and pointed out how much more lightweight it was. Not that I care about weight. If an elephant looked good on my back I would be hoisting it around. Anyway - this bag was squishy in a different way in that it still kinda held its shape. Nothing wrong with different? And would it look GREAT with floaty spring pastels and prints. I want it! The thing holding me back is its price at over $2100....[​IMG]