Saw the new lookbook today!!! Mahina L coming

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  1. There are some really nice things coming.

    They are going to be making the Mahina in a Large size.
  2. is it going to be in the shape of the XL or the XS? I can't wait to see it!
  3. Its going to be in the shape of the XL
  4. AWESOME!!! Lv has answered my wishes...
  5. Wow what a great news! Thanks for sharing:smile:
    Do you know if the Mahina L is going to come out in denim as well?
  6. wow! this is awesome news! do we know when it will be released?!
  7. oh, my curiousity is totally peaked for this one... I love the XL but think it's too large and have started to consider an XS but am afraid it might be too small. Now I guess I need to wait and see the L.

    Wonder if they will be wait-listed? Any idea on the release date?
  8. Yay! I was always stuck between the Mahina XL being way too big and not liking the design of the XS. When? Where? How much? What colours? What material? Tell us everything!!! :nuts:

  9. I want to say it was around $2800. It will come in 3 colors. All leather. The white, off white and black.
  10. Oh, off white like the gris? I think it's time to make a trip down to LV to see the look book and put my name down for one.

    Thank you for the update...:tup:

    I :heart: your doggies. Adorable!
  11. ^^^hmmm...interesting! The price is so close to xs....decisions, decisions!
  12. Sounds interesting...any idea on the release dates?
  13. Oh my gawd!

    Mahina L?!!!!!!!!!

    This is going to spell trouble for me!
  14. Mahina L?!! :nuts::nuts: Please let it be in the shape of the XL and not the XS...

    Yay, actual stark white like the onatah? Is this going to be limited/seasonal cos I can't justify it to Mr TFFC unless it is :sweatdrop:

    Thank you soo so much for the info :flowers:
  15. interesting news!