Saw the new Jimmy Choo Ricki bag today...

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  1. I saw lots of neat stuff today! The Ricki (not sure how to spell that) is the smaller version of Ramona. It has the double row of grommets but it's more of a shoulder bag than tote. It's just a scaled-down version of Ramona. The Houston store has it in black, navy, and brown.

    Also, Saks in Chicago has their new shipment of Ramona in black and brown.
  2. Good to know Daisy! I have been toying with the idea of getting either the Rasia or this bag after seeing another member's bag. I really should not buy ANYTHING right now- but this is awfully hard to pass up! What did you think of it? Is the leather as plush as you would think of Jimmy Choo?
  3. Hey jag! Yes, the leather is the same as on the Ramona, which is TDF. This leather is softer than that of any of his previous styles. It's reeeeally soft and nice. I wish I could find a pic of it. Oh, the price is $1600.
  4. AHHHH! Daisy, this is going to be torture! The bag sounds amazing!! Must breathe and try to remain calm. I swear, I need to win the lotto- there are just too many bags that I just have to have!

    Thanks again for the details! You are so nice!
  5. Hehe, jag... no, you are!
  6. :lol::lol::lol:
  7. :smile:
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