Saw the new holiday signature gallery tote today!!! OMG!!

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  1. Hello,
    I know that they are not out in stores yet, but I ordered the new PW gallery tote pretty much sight unseen. I saw a small pic in the flip book. Has anyone purchased one? Anyone have a good pic? I am dying to see a full pic!

  2. I haven't received mine yet. I believe it is on the way.
  3. That's not it. That's the Fall PW Collection.
  4. Ohhh sorry.
  5. What colors are in it?? I hate suspense LOL.
  6. The colors are teals, burgandy's, metallics, dark purple...really pretty.
  7. a style number available maybe?? ]
    i too am anticpating this bag..hehe
  8. Sounds pretty. I'm not a fan of patchwork but maybe I'll like this one.
  9. OMG I just opened the box. It is TINY! I was wondering why it was only $398! I might have to see if they are making anything larger!
  10. tiny? eh?

    pictures please! :smile:

  11. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  12. ahhh I love it, is that the only style they're making it in??
  13. It's available in a duffle
  14. hmmm...well, i may be in the minority...but I no likey. the patches are too random for my taste.

    again - jmo.