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May 29, 2006
^^ Elena, the question about leather and colour of the Kelly Flat was answered a few months back. If you would like to view the full discussion of the Kelly Flat, search for it in the archives.

The above picture is that of Rouge H Chamonix. It's gorgeous isn't it? The bad news is, this is just the runway bag created to complement the RTW for visual appreciation. Kelly Flat will NOT be produced in chamonix for commercial sale.

One of these Kelly Flat's is DEFINITELY in my future! Although I don't think I'll ever fold it! I like the idea of a Kelly with a different closure.....I'm gonna get one!
I agree, Mrs S, my Sa said no Kelly Flat in chamonix, but just my two cents - I don't think this bag in the pic is rouge H OR chamonix......unless my monitor is showing it funny......

As you know, I am now the proud owner of a chamonix Birkin, and I don't believe chamonix would fold like this - I think this one is Swift.......but feel free to correct me!


hearts Hermes
Jul 4, 2006
Apparently, my SA said today that quite a number of foldable bags ordered for their store. Store director fell in love...She also mentioned beige rose was a color they would be getting in.....but i failed to ask what leathers...
Does anyone have dimensions of this bag?


Oct 6, 2006
i don'T have the exact dimensions, but heard it was the same size as a kelly 35.

that color won't exist?!? it's gorgeous. rouge H in chamonix huh? (pigleto feels a sudden urge to run out and do a special order in rouge H chamonix ;) )


Sep 15, 2006
the only thing nice about the kelly flat - is IF it's not folded and collapsed! and the contrast stitching! our local H store has the black swift with white contrast stitching - it's beautiful (only when unfolded)!

and it's not cheap either - $ 7100 before tax! :wtf:
Sorry folks I haven't been able to get on my laptop and check into my fave forum for a while :yes: But Pazt I completely agree with you on this one - the Foldable Kelly looks good unfolded, which was why I didn't go for it when my SA offered it to me....I thought such a waste to spend money on a foldable piece when all its life with me it would be Unfolded :nuts: Kind of defeats the purpose there....and I saw the black swift one with white contrast stitching too - lovely but....NEXT!
Jul 9, 2006
I don't particularly like Kelly being squished either....I adore my Kelly and would never want 'her' folded up!!!!:sad:


Jul 15, 2006
i think i love the kelly flat. i prefer the kelly to the birkin but i've always thought it's a bit too rigid for me so a folded up, squishy version is just perfect :heart: . does anyone have a picture of it unfolded? i'd really like to see..