Saw The New H Bags....

  1. I had wanted to update everybody last week on this but completely forgot....Saw the new Foldable Kelly and the Sac en V in my H store last week.

    The Foldable Kelly was done in Swift leather with white contrast stitching. Not my cup of tea at all sorry to say. My SA was very disappointed it didn't catch my heart.

    No shoulder strap, instead has a strap for tying the folded bag to keep it in place. It thus doesn't have the shoulder strap loops at the top of the bag, harks back to the older Kellys without the extra loops on the top.

    The hardware strap loops are the same type as the JPG, i.e. closed loop all the way round. And the inner zipped pocket is replaced by a slot pocket. Guess the zipper will leave marks on the leather when the Kelly is folded so they did away with the zipper.

    I always see the Kelly as a Lady compared to the more relaxed shape of the Birkin, so seeing a proper Kelly all folded and squashed is just not my thing. Actually pains my heart to see a good new Kelly bag all scrunched up :crybaby:

    The Sac en V was offered to me in the smaller size 26 (?) and was in gold color Epsom. Love the white stitching and the extra details outside with the raised borders and love the cell phone slot inside. Finally Hermes has moved into the new century with cell phone slots!! But too small for my daily needs so gave that a miss too.

    The larger size is huge and I was shown a black Fjord one. I don't like it in the bigger size at all - a gigantic boxy monster to me, sorry to say.

    Was also offered an orange Epsom Paris-Bombay in the smaller size, but too small for me too. Then I hear good news! They are making the Paris-Bombay in a medium size now! Yippee!

    So here you are Ladies, my update on the latest :yes: Happy holidays all! :heart:
  2. Thanks for the update Rose! Glad to hear the PB is coming in a Medium size!
  3. Glad to be of service, sorry it's a long post but didn't want to miss anything.

    And er Jag, it's not Rose. Think there's mistaken identity here :smile:
  4. PB in medium size peaks my interest!!! Thank you for the update.
  5. Thanks for the update Misspiggy.
    I agree that I hate to see the proper Kelly all squished!
  6. I know, it was pretty painful seeing the poor beautiful Kelly all squashed up, and they even made a strap to tie it down. Painful.

    And for that reason, I couldn't bring myself to buy it. If I bring it home, I will not fold it up at all and that totally defeats the purpose of buying a foldable Kelly in the first place. :shrugs:
  7. We were shown a way to loop the extra strap through the rings so that it can be worn as a shoulder strap. It's not very long, but it's an option available with the bag.
  8. The foldable Kelly sounds sad.

    Perhaps this is where the rumor that the shoulder strap loops were being discontinued originated, since the foldable Kelly doesn't have the loops...
  9. Saw the foldable Kelly in Madrid...not for me either...

    Looking forward to the medium size PB...
  10. Thanks for the update, I am with you, it would pain me to see a Kelly all squished too....
  11. I wonder who thought of rolling up a kelly, and then belting it!?:shrugs:

    the most beautiful classic ladies bag(IMO at least)...turned into a unrecognizable "fruit roll up"!:sad: I wonder if Grace Kelly would have still bought it?
  12. So... this may sound silly- but do we have pics anywhere? :shame:
  13. ^ Thanks!! Obviously I am clearly incompetent tonight and can not use the search function on my own form. :noggin: Forgive me everyone!
  14. Also, anyone know anything on pricing?