Saw the New Damier Sporty Bag...

  1. Wow --- this is a really nice bag. :drool: Glad I waited because I really want this bag in Azur! It'll be launched May 1st!!

    Here's what I wrote down --- couldn't take pics because my SA was right there talking to me as I flipped through the look book!

    Comes in regular Damier and Azur with price at $1,420
    Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 8"

    The Sporty Bag has adjustable straps so it can be worn on the shoulder. It also has two decorative straps similar to the ones you see on the keepalls, with a brass LV plate similar to the Sophie. It also has open pockets on each side. Think of the shape of the speedy --- triangular-like from the side with the zipper opening a few inches down the side, open pockets on each side.

    Love it!! Can't wait for May 1st! Waitlisted on this baby!:yes:
  2. Thank you for the info! It's that release date I wanted. Sounds lovely...mmmm Azur!
  3. It sounds good!
  4. Sounds nice with the description. I don't know if I can wait to May might be out of my own purse budget.
  5. i love azur!
    i cant wait to see these!
  6. Does it look similar with Azur speedy? or it's a totally different bag?
    I am going to buy the Azur speedy and the bag you described sounds so nice, but I don't want to buy similar bags. Should I wait for it as well? I think the size is close to a speedy 35?
  7. Is this the one that looks like an oversize bowling bag?
  8. wow - can't wait to see it!
  9. It looks completely different from the Azur Speedy --- more going on with this new one than the classic, simple design we're used to with the Speedy, plus you can put it on your shoulder. Looks like the size is close to the Speedy 35, I think. The brass LV plate on it looks really nice, a bit of bling in the bag.
  10. It didn't strike me as an oversized bowling bag, but rather a nice size "keepall" shoulder bag. Probably not describing this correctly. It's more Speedy-ish, but with open side pockets and adjustable straps, longer zipper.

    There is an "oversized bowling bag" in the look book which was the blue Polka Dot Stripes that was pictured in PFer stefania's Part 2 of her "Spy Mission" of the Spring 2007 lines. Gorgeous bag, but HUGE!!!
  11. Hmmm... can't wait to see this IRL either!
  12. it seems like all bags are over 1k...sigh
  13. i'm sorry, I can't visualize, but thanks for the info :biggrin:

  14. hmmm.... sounds like a small Carryall with the Inventeur plaque.
  15. Does it look a little like the Stephen?