Saw the new black denim...

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  1. It is HOT! They had some men's flip flop's (the Gypse) in black denim and blue denim! It was too bad that they were almost 600 or I would've bought them considering I love my denim footing sneaker.
  2. Which items will be made in the new black denim?
  3. Denim sandals... for women only or men too? :nuts:
  4. I wanna see!!!
  5. They have mens denim sandals, yes! I saw them yesturday, we had the black ones! I LOVED them but almost $600 lol I think $580 or $585, I didnt know they came in blue too? hmmmm I love them though, I remember when I mentioned new black denim in a thread I made and everyone was kinda like "yeah okay, sure its coming out... and would ya look who was right!!!! lol
  6. Wow, does anyone have any info. on bags that will come out in Black? I recently became addicted to the denim line, and my finances did not need to hear this news.
  7. is it black black or kinda stonewash???
  8. My SA said black black for the fall bags....she was even acting like the handles would be black. Maybe she got confused with the new techno line of mono with the black handles. Not sure, but she confirmed there is going to be hot black denim bags.
  9. I can't wait for the new black denim handbags!!! :nuts:
  10. I would love to see
  11. Hmmm, I guess I'd have to see it before getting too excited about it.

    Black denim always reminds me of black washed out, tapered leg jeans...:sick:
  12. I really want to be able to see the new color! :hysteric:
  13. I'd have to see ir first, black denim can be blah sometimes!

  14. Hahaha.....I immediately thought the same thing. Black tapered 80's. I am curious though to see what it looks like.
  15. oooh i wonder when the color will be up on