Saw the mono rivets bag today

  1. It has stitches including on the back. It's about the size of a Speedy 30 with 3 compartments, 2 open and one in the middle with 2 zippers that meet in the middle. I think there was a cell phone holder in one of the compartments. It's a very busy bag and I can imagine why it wouldn't be likeable to some. I don't think it had rivets on the straps, but they fit me so that I can use it as a shoulder bag as well as a handheld. Since my collection needs something 'interesting' I said yay to it.:yes: It'll be mine on the 15th.

    My SA showed me the pochette version as well. This one's cute, more minimalist in a rivets kind of way lol.
  2. sounds gorgeous i will go look at it tonight:yes: :heart:
  3. I saw it today too and actually thought it was pretty cute. Liked it better than the leather version.
  4. is it cuter than a manhattan pm??
  5. I think it would have rivets on it hence the name MONO RIVET lol ;)
  6. I think it's cute! I havent seen it IRL yet, though .
  7. As opposed to only one, yeah. lol
  8. thanks for the info
  9. I like the leather one (the one in the new scarjo ad) better than the mono.
  10. Does anyone who has seen it in the store (the mono one) dislike it?
  11. Sounds lovely.
  12. Mine is coming on the 15th...LOL...LOVE this bag!
  13. ^^^I know someone else who loves this bag :whistle: ....
    I want to see it in IRL before I decide.
  14. ^They have it at VF! I saw it today along with the Pochette. Interesting.
  15. ^^ I was there, too. Someone else owned the pochette already.