Saw the Mirage Speedy Noir today OMFG!

  1. I am in love!!! What a gorgeous and very wearable bag. Its just so pretty. The black patent piping, graduated monogram, just beautiful. Its the first special edition speedy I can see myself using all the time as an everyday bag. Needless to say I put my name on the list. I am stoked! I better get it, she said I was first on the list for it. I better get it, I will be REALLY dissapointed.

    I did not like the the purple one AT ALL. The color was odd to me. Not for me.
  2. What is the price for that bag?
  3. PRAY TELL.....WHERE did you SEE that bag?????


    the tentative price is $1800, but could be higher when released Sept 15th.
  4. oooh! i'm so excited for the release of this bag :smile:
  5. I think it will be the IT bag for Fall in the LV line...its just beautiful and SO practical! User friendly for everyday!
  6. Oooooooo.
    I can't wait to see this bag irl!
    It looks hot in the pictures!
    but i just think i will stick to wanting the Damier speedy,
    Otherwise i will be on a huge ban :wtf:
  7. Selena is the effect on the red one clear or does it stand out better on the black I've waitlisted for black too but the red is more limited so I don't if I should swap in the pics it looks as if the black is more obvious with the shading
  8. I cant wait to see it in real life.
  9. I saw it in King of Prussia Pa. I think the fade looks more obvious on the reddish toned one. I really didnt like it AT ALL. The black one was more subtle. Its was beautiful. She told me $1800.00 for the price. She also told me they are only getting 4. So it will be pretty hard to come by. I just am thrilled that its something I can wear ALOT. Its not like the past few special edition speedies, that are pretty outfit specific..kwim.
  10. Yes it is so frustrating isn't it when you can't see the red mirage speedy!
    I too think the black one looks really nice where the fading is more is hard to imagine on the red one.

    I hope they will have both colours available for me to pick from once they call me...I have been waitlisted on both colours and being first on the list I am guessing I will?!?!?! I hope.....:confused1:

  11. Hey, I saw that bag today too and was like WOW I like a mono speedy, it is amazing!!! I have to call her tomarrow to tell her if I want one, I always say I disliked MONO, but this speedy is hot LOL!!
  12. ack...i've always liked this bag, now i want one really badly..
  13. I was there too..I have to say the red bags were.....EEEK..HIDEOUS....Sorry!
    Im #2 on the list(after Selena..LOL)for this speedy..I also listed for the 1800 dollar black fabric clutch with the killer removable strap..LOVES THAT!!
    I bought a pair of shoes too...The K of P store didnt have all the new bags.I was bummed they didnt have the GRIET bag..sniff
  14. purple one? what's purple?
  15. I am waitlisted for the black as well.
    Other than the handles being a different color and material is it worth having this as well as the regular mono.