Saw the Massai, fell in love - to get or not to get?

  1. While in Hermes today picking up my business/credit card holder (violet veau miroir! :nuts: will post pictures later), I asked my SA about the Massai PM. She disappears, then comes back a few minutes later with the most gorgeous Massai in gold clemence with brushed PH :love: Drop dead @#$%&* gorgeous. I try it on, and it seems as if the bag is made for me :drool: I didn't want to give it back!

    I told her I would think about it and get back to her on Thursday, after the holiday. I am in love with this bag. The color, leather, size - everything is perfect. It fits my lifestyle to a T - something I can grab quickly when I'm on the go and sling over my shoulder.

    This would be my biggest bag purchase, ever. What to do?! I should have walked out of H with the bag in hand and not thought twice about it, but I decided to be rational for a change and think about it.

    Help me decide! I can't stop thinking about it. LOL it's like a crush :shame: Does anyone ever regret buying their Massai? The return policy is store credit only, so I want to be sure of my decision.

    TIA! :heart:

    PS - I also tried on a 34cm gold clemence Lindy. It was beautiful! But I didn't have the butterflies like I do for the Massai ;)
  2. I haven't seen a Massai in person so I really can't comment on the bag itself, but wait and see if you still have butterflies on Thursday and that should be a sign. I'm not at all an impulse shopper (unless it's cheapie stuff). If I see something I like, I often walk away from it and if I can't stop thinking about it, I go back for it. If I forget about it, then that's that.
  3. took the words right out of my mouth!

    I feel the bag is just made for some people...I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!

    It is really a lovely bag and you are soooo lucky it looks great on you. You are even more fortunate that you absolutely love it and it can fit your lifestyle. Many Hermes bags don't always fit the bill and people find that out after they own them. I can really see you with the Massai. It is so yummy and casual chic...if that makes sense.

    If you can afford it and if you really love it....that bag will be around when you are 40!!! LOL

    Get it and let's meet, so I can see it!!!
  4. GET IT! its so understated and It will work best for you (based on your pics), IMO. The design is contemporary and youthful.

    Here is mine,
    Gold Massai PM.JPG
  5. get it! I love mine!
  6. If you react in that way...I say it must be yours!!!
  7. If love at first sight happens and after having the bag in your hands you still feel that flutter, then I think you would get a lot of pleasure out of having it. I've had bags that I loved on sight but after holding and modeling it, it just didn't work. If you don't have to talk yourself into loving it - then get it. It sounds lovely!
  8. Cristina! Congratulations on your business card holder- cannot wait for pics!
    As for the Massai, I think you should absolutely get it! The color is wonderful and so so versatile, and if you love the style, then I know you will enjoy it for many years to come! I am so excited for you! I really think you will love it!
  9. Before you get it...did you try on a Trim as well? The styles are similar...the Trim is a bit more expensive... but molds to the body as well.

    See if you can try both styles on before you buy...
  10. It's not often to find a bag that makes you feel that way, once you do, you really can't let it go. Ask yourself, how often would you think about it if you didn't get it?
  11. With that kind of reaction, I really think you should get it. It's such a versatile bag and if you loved it that much, you'll feel so great every day you use it!
  12. I agree with all the posts here. If you can afford it, then get it.
    I adore the Massai, but would be advising you to get it even if I didnt, its not often that something gives us butterflies!

  14. *THUD*

  15. Think about it over the holiday, then go back into the store and see how you feel. If you still get butterflies, well....................